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What are the advantages of a house net?

advantages of a house net
A house net has several advantages. You have the freedom to design it as you want, personalize it, it can be used by the whole family in complete safety, it will help you take advantage of space and light. Let’s see why it is worth to install a catamaran net in the house or in the garden

Design layout

Decorate your interior or your exterior according to your taste.
Create a personalized environment that suits you.

The house net allows you to give shape to original decoration ideas, by decorating the place in an atypical way.

A loft net creates a living space where you’ll love to relax with a good book, a cushion to take a nap or sunbathe and recharge your batteries.

Indoors, the stringing is protected from the sunlight and UV rays, which allows you to dye it at will. We have a very wide choice of colors to personalize your net and give it a unique look. It is an integral part of the design of your home.

catamaran net to create a design terrace
white loft net suspended in home

Personalized shape

Specialist in catamaran nets, we can design the product that will meet your needs and your constraints.
Square, rectangular, trapezoid, rounded… We can create many shapes!

Give free rein to your imagination to create an atypical space, according to your taste.

Space optimisation

It is frustrating to have a loft or a house with a high ceiling but not be able to take advantage of all the empty space.
The same goes for the staircase, a loft and several other configurations found in new and old constructions.

The loft net allows you to fill an empty space to take advantage and fill out this lost space.
It creates a new living and relaxation area at home, giving an added value to your interior.

interrior design with hammock floor net
guardrail net for suspended bed in kid bedroom

Bright living spaces

The mesh of house nets lets the light pass through to take advantage of your interior and brighten your living spaces.

Under a roof window or a skylight, it will allow you to take advantage of the space without darkening the interior, as a conventional floor would do.

The guardrail net can be made with an even larger mesh size, 50x 50 mm or even 70x 70 mm: so that your staircase or balcony remains bright and safe!

Safe installation

A catamaran net from Corderie Gautier can withstand up to 700 kg/m2: a guarantee of safety for your family, specially for the children, but also for your pets.

The loft net can accommodate several people who can use it to peacefully read or to take a nap.

Vertically, it protects efficiently against falls.

More than a simple decoration element that delimits a stair, as it would be the case with a simple stringing, the guardrail net is a real protection against falls.

Affordable solution

The  personalized catamaran net is a cheaper solution than installing a real floor or stainless steel or aluminum railings for example.

We design house nets from 45€/m2, which is much cheaper than installing stainless steel, glass or solid wood equipment.

The same goes for the garden, where the loft net can fill an empty space in a suspended wooden or metal terrace, for example. You will save yourself some money while creating an elegant and designer structure.

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